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ACCT 531 I NDIVIDUAL R ESEARCH P APER G RADING R UBRIC Explanation of Rubric: Each assignment will be assessed on 5 criteria: 1) Content 2) Organization 3) Format (10% of total assessment). 4) Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation 5) Clarity & Style There are 3 ranges for assessment within each category: 1) Exceptional 2) Satisfactory 3) Need Improvement The assessment of each component for your assignments will be highlighted and distinguished in bold blue type. This rubric and assessment will be attached to each of your written assignments. Rubric follows on next page.
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ACCT 531 CRITERIA NEEDS IMPROVEMENT SATISFACTORY EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT (100 Points) FEWER THAN 80 POINTS Assignment does not demonstrate understanding of subject matter, and the purpose of the paper is not stated. The objective, therefore, is not addressed and supporting materials are not correctly referenced. 80 to 90 POINTS Assignment demonstrates limited understanding of the subject matter Theories are not well connected to a practical experience or appropriate examples. An attempt
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