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BUSI 500 PPROJECT GRADING RUBRIC SCALE CRITERIA 138-150 Superior work in all areas - Student consistently exceeds minimal expectations in all areas regarding content, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of topics, participation, timeliness, and writing style. Specifically: Each step is completed with clear, distinct sections (with separate headings for each section), and all of the content of the personality tests are addressed in a thorough manner. The student does an excellent job of addressing the main points of each subsection of the personality tests. The student provides a thorough application of the results to his professional and/or personal life. Each required source is cited numerous times throughout each section of the paper. Scholarly sources (from peer-reviewed journals) are used when required. Minimal to non-existent grammatical and APA errors Required length (4 pages of content not counting title page, abstract page, and reference list) 126-137 Good work in most areas - Student demonstrates minor deficiencies in some areas regarding content,
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