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RUTGERS SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL & BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES REPEATED COURSE FORM When a course is repeated in which the student previously earned a grade of “F” both the original grade of “F” and the new grade remain on the transcript and in the cumulative grade-point average. However for up to 16 credits in no more than four courses , the grade of “F” will be removed from the cumulative grade-point average if the student repeats a failed course and earns a higher grade. The original grade of “F” will remain on the transcript with an E prefix attached: the repeated grade will have an R prefix. This policy may be applied anytime during the undergraduate years, but only once for a given course. The course must be repeated at Rutgers University. If the student fails the course a second time, only the second “F” will enter the cumulative grade point average. This policy may not be applied to any punitive grade of “F” given for reasons such as academic dishonesty. Use of this policy to remove a grade of
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