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Alysse Johnson Italian Cultural Requirement Amici d’Italia put on a movie night event where we were able to eat gelato and watch La Vita é Bella which means Life is Beautiful. It was the first time that I had ever had Gelato, I even went up for seconds! I tried the black raspberry sorbet and the dark chocolate. They were both very delicious. Gelato is thicker than ice cream and has a much richer flavor. I could easily see and taste the differences in American ice cream and Italian gelato. While American ice cream is lighter and tends to be make out of just 2% or whole milk; Italian gelato is heavier and is made out of heavy creams, this is what gives the gelato its very rich flavor. Although gelato is heavier than ice cream, it is served in very small portions to make up for the difference in heaviness and richness. So while most Americans have portions of up to four scoops of ice cream at a time, gelato will only be served in portions sizes of one or two scoops.
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