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MMABudget Packet'F11B - Undergraduate Student Association...

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Club Name: Budget Number: Who is the primary contact for your budget, and how can they be reached over the summer? What is your organization’s mission or purpose? MEMBERSHIP AND OFFICER INFORMATION: Clubs or organizations requesting funding are required to submit a list of current ACTIVE* members for the 2008-2009 school year. Please attach a separate printout of your membership. * ACTIVE membership: USA reserves the right to spot check active membership list for accuracy. Total Number of Active Total Number of Active Members 2009-2010 : Members 2010-2011 : Executive Board\Officers: Name and Class year: Club Title: Primary Email Address: Total Initial Budget Request: (From bottom of Form #2 – Budget Summary) (Not including requests from Form T – Tech Fund) Total Technology Request: (Amount from Form T – Tech Fund) I the undersigned have personally supervised the preparation of this request and certify its contents to be accurate. (Print)X_______________________________ (Sign)X ______________________________ (Title) X________________________________ Undergraduate Student Association Student Clubs and Activities Budget Request FORM #1 COVER SHEET MIXED MARTIAL ARTS CLUB 1- FA2011 JUAN PARKER: CELL #: 716-939-8196 TO ENSURE HEALTH AND FITNESS FOR CANISIUS COLLEGE STUDENTS IN A FUN- FILLED ENVIRONMENT BY LEARNING A UNIQUE STYLE OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Juan Parker III Dominic Cervi Sean Johnson Annie Reed Alysse Johnson Head Instructor Assistant Instructor Assistant Instructor Public/Event Relations Treasurer $4,800.27+ EVE N/A 17
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MMABudget Packet'F11B - Undergraduate Student Association...

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