cs251-week8 - size-The size of the list is 1 in average C...

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Material covered: - Class Notes - Projects (know how different parts work) Topics: Running Time Worst Case (!) Average Case Best Case Asymptotic Analysis The worst case Very large input sizes n -> infinity Big Oh notation Stacks push, pop implementation with arrays Lists Single Linked Lists Double Linked Lists Implementation Queues FIFO (First In First Out) Implementation using arrays (circular arrays) Hash Tables How the data structure works Insert, remove, lookup Implementation Hash functions for strings Asymptotic Analysis Worst case = O(n) (unlikely if we satisfy assumptions) Average Case = O(1) Assumptions in a hash table 1. Hash functions give even distribution of the lists (more or less the same size) 2. The number of items stored is smaller than the hash table
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Unformatted text preview: size-The size of the list is 1 in average C++ Classes .h and .cpp files templates Binary Trees Binary Tree Insertion using left and right pointers Heaps Representation of binary trees using an array Heap Characteristics It is a binary tree Key parent < key children Bottom layer is shifted to the left. Other layers are full Implementation of heap insert and heap removemin (see class notes) Heap Sort O(n log n) Binary Search How it works Implementation of a Binary Search Dictionary Reasons why binary search dictionaries are used only in read only tables Check the website for "CS251 Midterm Review Homework" Lab4 is on the website: "Building a Search Engine"...
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cs251-week8 - size-The size of the list is 1 in average C...

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