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Writing Scientific Abstracts Eric W. Peterson, Illinois State University An abstract is a brief summary of a research study. It describes the objectives of the study (i.e., what hypothesis you were testing or what research question you were attempting to answer), the methods used, the major results, their interpretation and their implications. The usual abstract represents much work, and so it is most important that it be written so as to convey as much information as possible. Abstracts often appear at the beginning of a full-length research paper, or may be published by themselves as part of the proceedings of a professional meeting. An abstract is always short and is always written as a single paragraph (even though many abstracts strain the textbook definition of a paragraph). It is written for the same audience as the article, so it uses the same level of technical language. It always summarizes the major points of the results, and generally summarizes the major points of the materials and methods, and of the discussion. In most disciplines, it never
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60%20Second%20Science%20Abstract%20Description - Writing...

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