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60 Second Science Presentation Point Value: 50 points (Presentation-30 points; Abstract-20 pts) Speaking date: September 12th Assignment Overview: Scientists often have to describe their research to lay audiences. They must find a way to describe quickly their research in an understandable and interesting manner. Similarly, Scientific American’s popular radio program, 60 Second Science, brings a new scientific journal article to the public in one minute. Producers must find a way to condense the research article while making sure the minute is well organized, easily understood, and interesting to lay audiences. For the first assignment, we will replicate this radio program. First, you must find a journal article from your field. Second, you must find something in the article that lay audiences will find interesting. Your task will be to present the article to a lay audience in a well organized and interesting manner. You must capture and hold your audience’s attention for the entire
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60%20Second%20Science%20Presentation%20Assignment - 60...

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