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COM 217 Small Group Persuasive Presentation Point Value: 200 “The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, it’s that they know so many things that just aren’t so.” – Mark Twain Similar to the above statement made by Mark Twain, it has been found in the United States that a significant number of people strongly believe what those in the STEM community would consider scientific falsehoods. Sometimes this belief in such falsehoods is a result of scientific illiteracy, other times it is a result of exposure to misinformation or fallacies. As we have been discussing in class, it is very important to ensure that scientific information is communicated to the general public in a manner that affords them as great an understanding as possible. However, we also know there is information available to the public that propagates scientific falsehoods. So what can you do about this problem as a community of STEM students? For this assignment it is your job as a group to select a common scientific falsehood believed by members of the public. It is the responsibility of your group to research and identify the evidence used as support by those who hold the scientific falsehoods (often their evidence looks a lot like
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COM%20217%20Small%20Group%20Persuasive%20Presentation - COM...

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