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COM217-SelfReflection2 - Have these skills improved Provide...

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COM 217 - Owlett Self Reflection #2 Throughout the course of the semester, students will be given feedback from the instructor about their skills in disseminating information as speakers and writers of science communication. One of the most influential tasks a speaker or writer can engage in is self reflection. The second self reflection assignment asks you to consider how you have developed as a speaker and writer since the last speech. Please answer the following questions in approximately 1 to 1 and ½ pages. References and title pages are not required for this assignment. Please refer to the course schedule for the due date for this assignment. Completed self reflections should be brought to class and in hard copy form on the assigned due date. 1. In your last reflection, you were asked to identify skills you wanted to improve.
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Unformatted text preview: Have these skills improved? Provide examples when appropriate. For example, you might consider the following questions: a) Overall, what have been the largest changes in your writing and speaking style since the last speech? b) What changes have you noticed in your classmates’ speaking and writing? c) What challenges do you or your classmates still face? d) Where can you identify improvement in your skills? e) How do you know you have improved? 2. It is always helpful to think about future development, as writing and speaking skills should become stronger over time. What goals are you looking to achieve for writing and speaking by the end of the semester? How can you achieve them?...
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