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Total Point Value: 200 points Paper: 100 points Presentation: 100 points Assignment Overview: In today’s information age and global society, we often are faced with presenting and writing difficult or challenging information to an audience who may have little experience with the ideas we want to convey. In situations like these, presenting complex information in a coherent manner is paramount. In this assignment, you will choose a topic relating to your field and explain the topic to both your audience and your reader. For example, if my major was actuarial science, I might decide to talk about the process of determining insurance benefits for a person. I could go into calculating life expectancies and how life expectancy affects insurance rates, etc. Or, if I had a marine biology major I could talk about the oil spill in the gulf, and discuss the mechanics behind the leak (i.e., how did this happen?), why it took so long to fix the problem, and how technology and science finally did get it fixed. In my major, for example, let’s take the topic of multimodality including linguistics and materiality (the topic of one of those abstracts you read). To help you understand that jargon, I would explain that it’s really about considering how both our talk and material features in our lives (e.g., Web sites, reports, email, classrooms) help us make sense of experiences. The idea is not to persuade the audience; rather, this is your chance to discuss a technical topic
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Expert%20to%20Novice%20Assignment%20Instructions - Expert...

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