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Com 217 Small Group Project-What to Bring to Class Presentation Day 1. pg. 425 (Group Evaluation Form) ONE BLANK COPY FOR ENTIRE GROUP 2. pg. 429 (Individual Evaluation Form) ONE BLANK COPY FROM EACH GROUP MEMBER 3. pg. 431 (Group Evaluation Questionnaire) ONE FILLED OUT COPY FROM EACH GROUP MEMBER Evaluation/Committee Day Bring pg. 427 to be turned in, completed , at the end of class (Committee Evaluation Questionnaire) ONE COPY FOR EACH GROUP MEMBER Reminders -You need to email your committee your outline at least 2 days prior to your speech date. (Which means you are responsible for getting your evaluators email addresses in advance; please CC me on the email as well). -You must have a visual aid for this presentation. Because this is a much longer presentation, you can have more than one visual aid and you need to
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Unformatted text preview: have a power point show.-Be creative with this one and use a variety of methods to engage your audience (handouts, videos, etc). -You have the entire class time for set-up, presentation (20-30 min), Q & A (10 min), and tear-down.-Each group member needs to have speaking parts and please try to distribute parts evenly.-You will be using a transformative/ refutative pattern.-Each group member may have note cards. As always, be pragmatic about the number of cards.-Your outline should probably have 3-4 main points focus on developing each of the steps of the refutative pattern effectively.-You should have at least eight sources, at least four of which should be print....
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