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Overview of Emphasized Skills in COM 217 All of these skills are emphasized in both speaking and writing assignments Reading and analyzing a scientific research article Abstracting a scientific research article Beginning to critique and evaluate scientific studies Writing evaluative abstracts for annotated bibliographies Using clear organizational structure o Topical design o Chronological design o Spatial design o Problem-Solution design o Problem-cause-Solution design o Cause-Effect design o Refutative design Adapting messages to lay and peer audiences Using precise language
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Unformatted text preview: • Writing effective thesis statements • Writing clear introductions and conclusions • Recognizing and avoiding fallacious reasoning • Using an appropriate writing documentation style (APA is currently emphasized) • Supporting arguments with sufficient evidence • Displaying statistical information graphically • Citing sources appropriately • Delivering presentations with strong delivery o Eye contact o Volume o Extemporaneous o Free from vocal fillers • Delivering presentations in groups...
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