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CNIT 175 Practice test The keys are high lighted. You will find a break in the sequence of question numbers, that is OK. Just review all the questions and understand the right answer. Thanks 1. GUI stands for: a. Great User Industries b. Great Underground Images c. Graphical User Interface d. Graphical User Images 2. In a VB .NET project, which control is used to display the output? a. Label b. TextBox c. Button d. Form e. CheckBox 3. The keyword recommended for declaring Module Scope variables is ----------------. a. Global b. Public c. Private d. Const 4. Which one is NOT a valid variable name? a. Last Name b. 3Balloons c. UnitPriceForGoldFish d. All of above e. a and b 5. Assume that the integer variable Size contains the number of students in a class. 12 more students are added to this class. Which statement will properly update the value stored in this variable? a. Size + 12 b. Size + 12 = Size c. Size = Size + 12 d. All of above e. b or c 1
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6. According to the naming standards, what is the prefix for naming a Button? a. btn b. but c. btt d. Btn e. cmd 7. Which statement will properly store the value entered in txtData , in variable Age ? Assume: Dim Age As Integer a. Age = Integer.TryParse(txtData.Text) b. Age = txtData.Text c. Age = Integer.Parse(txtData) d. Age = Integer.Parse(txtData.Text) e. c or d f. All of above 8. Which statement will place the cursor in the txtName at run time? a.
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CIT175%20%20Midterm%20Practice - CNIT 175 Practice test The...

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