Lab000 - Lab00: File Management and Visual Basic .NET Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab00: File Management and Visual Basic .NET Due Date: Week of Aug 22, 2011 5 Points By the end of the lab session Description: The purpose of this lab exercise is to assess your ability to use Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and simple file management tasks, and the electronic submission system ( ). Many of the tasks listed below require prerequisite knowledge. Others will be demonstrated by your lab instructor. It is important to complete this exercise in order to get prepared for the future lab assignments. Task Description: 1. Log on to your computer. All students should have career accounts to login to the computers in ICS labs. If you do not have a career account, you may get one by swiping your student id in provided slot in provided PC in any ICS lab. 2. Start Windows Explorer (Go to start menu at the left bottom corner of your PC; right click and open Computer). Select the menu Organize Folder and Search Options View then under that Advanced Settings : Always show menus Checked Display the full path in the title bar (Class theme only)- Checked Under hidden files and folders Show hidden file, folders or drives checked Hide extension for known file types - Unchecked It is very important you set these options each time you use a PC to work on a programming assignment for this course! 3. Use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the H:\ drive and: Create a new folder. Name it CNIT175 . Under that create a subfolder. Name it Lab Assignments . Rename it to Labs . Create another subfolder, name it Prelabs. 4. Start the Internet Explorer (IE), launch Blackboard Vista, and click on CNIT 175. 5. From Assignments folder download this document Lab00 . Save it to your hard drive in the Labs folder you created in step3. You can open the document with MS Word and folder you created in step3....
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This note was uploaded on 02/06/2012 for the course CNIT 175 taught by Professor Na during the Fall '11 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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Lab000 - Lab00: File Management and Visual Basic .NET Due...

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