Lab03 - Notice that the user will enter the annual interest...

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CNIT 175 Lab03 Due: Mon. 09/19/11, 10:00 pm 10 Points Objectives: Translating formulas to VB Counting and accumulating Scope rules Program: Design a VB project to compute the balance of a savings account after a few years. The user should enter the initial amount deposited in the account, annual interest rate and years of investment in provided boxes and click on the Compute button to have the end balance computed and displayed. The program should also count the # of different saving options computed and display the count in provided Label each time the button is clicked. The Clear button clears all the I/O boxes and sets the focus to the top Textbox. The Exit button ends the program execution. The formula for computing the balance in a savings account (compound interest): Balance = Amount (1 + Rate/ 365 ) years * 365 Where, Rate is the annual interest rate.
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Unformatted text preview: Notice that the user will enter the annual interest rate as a % value; that is 2.5%. This value should be divided by 100 before being used in the formula. Figure 1, Screen Capture after 2 savings options are processed Grading Chart: Intro. Comments-1, if is not complete GUI design and naming standards -1 if standards not followed Click event of the Compute Button = 8 Declare variables with proper type = 1 Store the input data in variables (use Parse method ) = 1 Compute the balance = 4 Update and display the counter = 2 Clear Button = 2 Set focus to the top textbox = 1 Exit Button -1, if missing Penalty : Programs with compile time errors will not be graded. Introductory comments: All your programs should include a segment of introductory comment at the beginning of the code window. Refer to Lab01 document for details....
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Lab03 - Notice that the user will enter the annual interest...

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