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Lab090 - CNIT 175 Lab09 Due Tues By 10:00 pm Objectives o...

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CNIT 175 Lab09 Due: Tues. 11/08/11, By 10:00 pm 20 Points Objectives: o Parallel Dynamic Arrays o ComboBox Control o Sequential Search Reference: Chapter09 Appendix-D Design a VB project to keep track of unknown # of students registered in different programs in a small college. Use a ComboBox to present the name of all the programs offered in this college. The ComboBox should be populated at design time. Figure 1, Screen Capture at runtime when Display Button is clicked Data Structure: Declare the following with module scope. Three dynamic arrays to store names, credits, and program names Declare one integer counter to keep track of where in the arrays data should be stored. Required functions and procedures: 1) ValidateData() Write a general function to validate the input data. The validation rules are: Student name must exist The Credit hours completed must be a whole number between 0 and 120. A program must be selected from the ComboBox.
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2) DisplayMessageOK() Write a general procedure to display a given message using the MessageBox.Show. This
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