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CNIT 175 Prelab01 Due: 09/02/11 You should be able to answer these questions after reading the introduction and chapter-1 in the textbook. Complete this exercise before going to the lab session. Your TA will check it off. 1) What is a compiler? 2) What is the 3 letter prefix for naming a Button? 3) What is an event? Give an example. 4) Write a statement to display “Hello World!” in a Label named
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Unformatted text preview: lblOutput . 5) Write a statement to clear the Textbox named txtData . Is there more than one way to do this? 6) What does IDE stand for? 7) What does GUI stand for? 8) What is PDLC? 9) Declare a variable to store your GPA. Afterward, store your GPA in this variable 10) Declare a variable to store your home address. Afterwards, store your home address in this variable....
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