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Prelab09 - Name must exist and price must be a number> 0...

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CNIT 175 Prelab09 Objectives: Parallel Dynamic Arrays Program: Design a VB project to store the name and price of unknown number of items in an inventory. The GUI should include two TextBox, a ListBox, and 2 Buttons (btnEnter and btnDisplay). Data Structure: Declare two dynamic arrays to store names and prices. Declare an integer counter with module scope to keep track of the last index in array where data has been stored. Enter Button: Validate the input data.
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Unformatted text preview: Name must exist, and price must be a number > 0. • For valid data: Resize both arrays. Store name and price in arrays. Clear the input data, and set the focus to txtName. Display Button: If arrays are empty, inform the user and do nothing. Clear the listbox. Display column headers for Name and Price. Display all the names and prices in two columns in the ListBox. o Change the font of the listbox to Courier New....
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