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CNIT 175 Prelab11 Objectives: o Dynamic Array of Structure o Saving to the file Let the user enter students’ name and score followed by a click on Enter Button. Store data in a dynamic array of structure. Save data to the file in FormClosing event. Figure 1, Screen Capture at runtime Data Structure: Declare the following with module scope. A Structure with two members to store a name and a whole number. A dynamic array of structure to store all the students entered in this program.
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Unformatted text preview: An integer counter to keep track of the index in array where the last data is stored. Enter Button: o Assume the input data is valid. . o Store the student’s data in dynamic array of structure. Display Button: o Clear the ListBox o Display students’ name and score in two columns. FormClosing Event: Save array content to a text file students.txt , located in the bin folder of the project....
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