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Prelab060 - (explained below)to display a message and...

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CNIT 175 Prelab06 Objectives: General Function General Procedure Program : Redo prelab05, but this time, write a general function to do data validation. To do this, first make a copy of your prelab05 project, rename the outer folder to Prelab06. Requirements: General function CheckData() Input Parameter: none Output: Boolean Task: This function should validate the input data for being a whole number and between 0 and 10 (both inclusive). The function returns true, if everything is valid and False if there is anything wrong with the input data. Call the general procedure
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Unformatted text preview: (explained below)to display a message and inform the user . General Procedure DisplayMessageOK() • Input Parameter: a string • Task: Use the MessageBox.Show to display the input string. Processing Button: 1. Invoke the function to validate the input: 2. Process the valid input: if score is greater than or equal to 7, display: “You did a good job.” Otherwise display: “Work harder”. **Set Break Points in your program to view the step by step execution of your program. Test your program with all kinds of invalid / valid data....
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