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Final%20Questions - EAS 375 Fossil Fuels Energy and Society...

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EAS 375 Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society Fall 2011 Final Questions When answering these questions, imagine that your uncle or aunt asked you one of these questions at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Here is your chance to show your family how much you have learned in this class, but at the same time provides you an opportunity to educate your relatives. Remember they may have naive or simplistic views about the world of energy and believe that their views are correct. If you present your answer, in clear logical manner, they will understand that world of energy is very complex and there are no simple answers. You should emphasis that the changes we will be making in the 21 st century and that solutions will requires time and probably require some environmental compromises. When answering these questions, remember there is no single correct answer. I am interested in what you think about the energy problems we will face in the 21 st century. The final exam will consist of four questions of the following list of questions 1. Many conscience people truly believe that we can break our dependence on foreign oil by quickly developing alternative energy sources, such as biofuels, wind, and solar energy. What are basic fallacies in this believe that we can easily replace our dependence on foreign oil by using alternative energy sources? 2. Coal powered generation produces about 50% of our electrical needs in the United States, but there a number of environmental consequences associated with the use of coal.
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