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EAS 375 Fall 2010 Lecture questions - Science 1. How would define the term “science”? 2. List five traits that characterize a scientist. 3. What are the four basic questions scientists ask when they are attempting to explain a phenomenon? 4. What is the scientific method? 5. Why is the classification of date so important in the scientific method? 6. What is meant by “multiple working hypotheses”? 7. Discuss the reasons why becoming emotionally involved in a scientific discussion can lead to ethical dilemma. 8. How had the role of the media altered how scientists operate?
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Unformatted text preview: Include both the positive and negative aspects. 9. Discuss the reasons why scientists use words like “suggests,” “may,” “could,” “might,” or other equally fuzzy adjectives to describe their work. 10. What are good and negative aspects of the media in science? 11. What are proponents of a particular hypothesis they trying to accomplish by using word consensus? What is the problem of using “linked” to support a point of view?...
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