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EAS 375 Lecture questions 7 Gasoline 1. What is the difference between summer and winter blends of gasoline? 2. What is reformulated gasoline and why do certain regions of the country need to use this type of gasoline? 3. While RFG gasoline provides a number of benefits, they also present problems to the refining and distribution segments of the oil industry. What are these problems? 4. Why is “inventory on demand” frequently the cause of price spikes? 5. No new refineries have been built since the early 1970’s and a number of these have been
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Unformatted text preview: shutdown, yet our ability to produce gasoline has increased. How? 6. What are the reasons for the large difference in the price of gasoline in different regions of the country and certain states, when there has been no supply disruption? 7. How does a small retailer make any money running a gas station? 8. What are some of the factors that retailers have to consider when deciding on how much to charge for his gasoline? 9. Where is the greatest profit generated in the oil industry?...
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