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EAS 375 Lecture Questions Coal Electrical Generation 1. Describe room and pillar mining? 2. Why is mine subsidence an important factor in deciding which mining strategy to use in a new area? 3. What is “mountain-top mining” and why is it so destructive? 4. Why did coal industry decide to carry out the more expensive mountain-top mining in western West Virginia and eastern Kentucky? 5. Why are slurry dams so dangerous in western West Virginia and eastern Kentucky? 6. What are the major advantages to strip mining? 7. What were the positive and negative roles of the coal unions played in the coal industry during the first half of the 20th century? 8. Why has coal mining west of the Mississippi increased so dramatically since 1970? 9. Why did the number of coal miners employed in the coal mines drop so dramatically during the latter half of the 20 th century? 10. Why is washing coal before shipping important? 11. List three ways that coal is shipped from the mine to end user?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Why do railroads play an important part in the price of coal generation plants pay for coal? 13. Why do coal generation plants limit the amount of coal that is stockpiled at their facility? The answer has to do with the properties of coal not economics. 14. How could a terrorist disrupt coal supplies? 15. Describe the basic fundamentals of steam-powered electrical generators. 16. Why is cooling the steam as it leaves the turbine important to the generation plant? 17. What are the major problems associated with the cooling water that is used to cool steam in a generation plant? 18. How does a gas turbine generator work? 19. What is the difference between base load and peak load? 20. Describe coal gasification. 21. Describe what is meant by clean coal power. 22. What strategies are being considered by the electrical generation industry to reduce or sequester C0 2 ?...
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