citizens[1] - Citizen's Gas Company is a midsize gas...

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Citizen’s Gas Company is a midsize gas distributor that provides gas services to approximately 200,000 customers combined with residential, commercial, and industrial. The company currently obtains its gas from 10 pipeline companies. Currently the company stores its fuel in a gas storage field. Due to the company experiencing a loss of sales and an excess of supply at the end of the gas year, a new director of corporate planning was hired. Prior to establishing the basic structure and features of a new system for Citizen’s Gas Company, developers have to first evaluate design alternatives, prepare the design specifications, and prepare the conceptual systems design report. In order to specify the features and structure of Citizen’s Gas Company, there are many vital elements required when implementing a new system. It is important for the system to accurately report the information that is input. The reason why there is a huge need for accuracy is because the accuracy determines how much quality and detail is required on an account. The information that is put into the system needs to be quality information. If you put garbage into the system garbage will come out. It is also vital for the developers to understand what affects the supply and demand of the gas. In order to obtain the best system, the system has to be
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citizens[1] - Citizen's Gas Company is a midsize gas...

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