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Forge Publishing 1 Forge Publishing Michelle N. Knight Strayer University
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Forge Publishing 2 Human resources management is defined as a repeating group of business transactions and data processing that pertain to managing employees (Romney & Steinbart, 2009). Human resource management systems are implemented in efforts to make a company run more smoothly. By implementing an effective human resource management system, a company is able to eliminate many mistakes that can come from manually maintaining common business practices. The human resources management system helps companies control new employment, training, job assignments, payroll, evaluations, and employee discharging. Human resources management will be beneficial to Fargo Publishing Company, because many important functions of the company such as payroll are done manually. By handling such functions manually, the company is open to a variety of mistakes such as over or under paying employees. For example, each of the companies employees clock in and out using a time clock, and employees from the human resources department input all of the data from the time sheets. By manually keying in the data from employees timesheets it is possible for someone to input the wrong data. The reports are then sent off for approval, and if there are mistakes they are updated and returned. If Fargo Publishing slightly changed their payroll system the process can be less time consuming and require less employees. For example, Fargo can have badge readers installed and each employee will receive a badge to be used to clock in and out. The data collected from the
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Forge - Forge Publishing 1 Forge Publishing Michelle N....

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