week 9 - 18.1 a. What do you believe is the real cause of...

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18.1 a. What do you believe is the real cause of Chai’s resistance to computers? Many times people are reluctant to try something new, they are afraid of changes. I believe Chai boycotted using the computer by saying she rather speak to people because she did not to feel stupid not being able to use the new system. I also believe that when an electronic system is implemented it is hard to get away from the electronic communications making it sometimes impossible to turn off a person work mode. She believes that having the computer do everything will make her a less personal and effective manager. b. As a colleague of Chai, how could you help her realize the benefits of the comperization and overcome her computer phobia? Chai is vice president of the company and should have had some kind of input before the system was implemented. The employees should have been given reason as to way the system is needed. It is hard for top management to make their employees do and or use something that they will not. Training should be provided to her and to all employees before the new system was even installed and an IT or support team for the system should have been set up. Having the IT team will help ease the concerns and transition pains of the VP’s and the employees. 18.8 a. Describe the benefits that companies and their employees can receive from electronic communication. Electronic communication will create a faster way to send, receive, and access data. Management will be able to make decisions faster as well as resolve conflicts in a more timely fashion. This will increase efficiency in turn making the company more profitable.
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week 9 - 18.1 a. What do you believe is the real cause of...

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