Exam-1 - MTH 140 Exam, Fall 2006 1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY...

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Unformatted text preview: MTH 140 Exam, Fall 2006 1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Final Exam MTH 140 - Calculus I Last Name (Print): . First Name: . Student Number: Signature: . Date: Dec. 11, 2006, 8:00 am Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes Instructions: Professor (circle one) C. Kim D. Ha B. Tasic S. Ferrando Section (circle one) Section 1 2 3 4 Section 5 6 7 8 Section 9 10 11 12 Section 13 14 15 16 1. This is a closed-book test. Notes, calculators and other aids are not permitted. Verify that your test has pages 1-12. 2. Section A is multiple-choice. Make sure to write your answers in the box at the end of each question carefully . There are no part marks in the multiple-choice section and only the answer in the box will be marked. The correct response gets full marks, an incorrect response or no response gets no marks. 3. Section B is full-answer. (a) Unless otherwise instructed, make sure you include all signif- icant steps in your solution, presented in the correct or- der. Unjustified answers will be given little or no credit. Cross out or erase all rough work not relevant to your solution. Put a box around your final answer. (b) Write your solutions in the space provided. If you need more space, use the back of the page. Indicate this fact on the original page, making sure that your solution cannot be confused with any rough work which may be there. Marks (out of 100) are shown in brackets. 4. Do not separate the sheets. 5. Have your student card available on your desk. For Instructors use only. Page Mark 2-5: MC /39 6 /15 7 /15 8 /7 9 /7 10 /8 11 /9 Bonus: /10 Total /100 MTH 140 Exam, Fall 2006 2 Part A. Multiple Choice [3 marks each] (Only one answer is correct in each case.) Use the function f ( x ) = x + 2sin x for questions 1. and 2. 1. f ( x ) = x + 2sin x has a local min value on [0 , 2 ] when x equals A) 1 3 . B) 2 3 . C) . D) 4 3 . E) 5 3 . F) None of these....
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2012 for the course MATH mth140 taught by Professor Ord during the Spring '11 term at Ryerson.

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Exam-1 - MTH 140 Exam, Fall 2006 1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY...

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