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MA159Exam1MemoS12W - To MA 15900 Instructors From Owen K...

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To: MA 15900 Instructors From: Owen K. Davis - Course Coordinator MA 15900 Exam 1 Memo Thursday, February 2 – 8:00pm (90 minute exam) In PHYS 114 1. Remind your student's daily of the exam date, exam time, and exam room location. The time and place of each exam is also posted on the bulletin board outside of MATH 242. 2. Exam 1 covers Sections 1.2 to 2.4. This coverage is Lessons 1 to 10. 3. The exam will consist of 19 multiple-choice problems. The exam is machine graded , so there will be no partial credit available. Word problems will be an important part of the exam. 4. Since the exams will be machine graded, announce to students frequently that the only thing that will be graded is the scantron answer sheet that they turn in. They will keep the question sheet. Make sure they double check what they are turning in to make sure they have the correct section number reported and bubbled in. We cannot grade anything on their question sheets since they will be leaving the room with them.
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