Chapter 1 example - If I say that this was a convenience sample I took describe what that means Which of the following situations are

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Gender Grade Hometown Major Candy consumed (in pieces) Student 1 Male Sophomore Indy Psych 15 Student 2 Male Senior Crown Point Spanish 12 Student 3 Male Senior Lombard Religion 8 Student 4 Male Freshman Indy Philosophy 10 What are the variables in this example? What are the elements of this data set? How many observations are there? List the 3 rd observation: Label each variable as either qualitative or quantitative. If qualitative then label it as either nominal or ordinal. If quantitative then label it as interval or ratio.
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Unformatted text preview: If I say that this was a convenience sample I took, describe what that means. Which of the following situations are cross-sectional and which are time series related? Current GPAs of Purdue Statistics Graduate Students vs. GPA of Sanvesh during his time at Purdue. Value of Mr. X’s portfolio over the previous 3 years vs. Value of all portfolio’s at Charles Schwaab in January 2008. Salary of the LA Lakers in the 1990s vs. Salaries of all NBA teams in 1994...
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