Fall2010Exam2 - STAT 225 FALL 2010 Exam 1 Your Name Jeff...

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STAT 225 FALL 2010 Exam 1 Your Name: ___________________________________________ Your Instructor: Jeff Tianhong Jeremy Yong Yen-Ning Mike Zhaonan Your class time (circle one): 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 Note: Show your work on all questions. Unsupported work will not receive full credit. All answers should be in decimal form and should be exact, or to at least taken out to two decimal places. You are responsible for upholding the Honor Code of Purdue University. This includes protecting your work from other students. You are allowed the following aids: a one- page 8 ½” x 11” handwritten (in your handwriting) cheat sheet, a scientific calculator, and pencils. Instructors will not interpret questions for you. If you do have questions, wait until you have looked over the whole exam so that you can ask all of your questions at one time. You must show your student ID (upon request) and turn in your cheat sheet when you turn in your exam to your instructor. Turn off your cell phone before the exam begins! Question Points Possible Points Received 1 15 2 11 3 12 4 13 5 10 6 11 7 14 8 13 Cheat Sheet 1 Total 100
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1 1. In each of the following situations, there is a random variable involved. Find its PMF either by name and parameter(s) or by finding a PMF table. If an approximation can be made, you must name and label both the exact and approximate distribution with corresponding parameter(s) to receive full credit. (3 points each) a). A convenience store has 2000 cans of sodas in stock and 20% of those cans have a coupon printed on them. Barney purchased 50 cans of soda for his party and let C be the number of those 50 cans having a coupon. b). A quarterback on a football team has an interception rate of 4.5% for his passing. During a game, he made 126 passing attempts and let I be the number of interceptions. c).
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Fall2010Exam2 - STAT 225 FALL 2010 Exam 1 Your Name Jeff...

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