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Copy of Chem152_Calib_Report_092411

Copy of Chem152_Calib_Report_092411 - Name Michelle Bang ID...

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Name: Michelle Bang Section: AG ID Number:1021913 Lab Partner: Tessa Barclay Total Points = 60 pts (5 pts notebook, 55 pts template) DATA, GRAPHS AND CALCULATIONS 475.33 nm 1 pt Creating the calibration curve: Ferroin: Concentration (M) Absorbance 1.25E-05 0.190 2.50E-05 0.330 2 pts 3.75E-05 0.450 5.00E-05 0.570 6.25E-05 0.720 4 pts Slope of Absorbance versus concentration graph 10400 1 pt y-intercept of Absorbance versus concentration graph 0.062 1 pt Detailed calibration equation: y = 10400x+.062 2pts Determining theAmount of Iron in an Iron Tablet 1) Average mass of a tablet 435 mg (provided in manual) 2) Mass of crushed tablet used in analysis 20 mg 1 pt 3) Final volume after filtered crushed tablet solution 100 mL is diluted in volumetric flask (lab manual Part II, Step 5) 4) Volume of diluted crushed tablet solution 5 mL transferred to the new volumetric flask 5) Final volume of ferroin complex solution 100 mL (end of lab manual Part II, Step 9) 6) Absorbance of the ferroin complex solution 0.230 1 pt (lab manual Part III, Step 3) 7) 3 pts 8) 2 pts 9) 3 pts 10) 2 pts 11) 3 pts 12) mg of iron per tablet as listed on the bottle 27 mg λ max: M -1 Purpose and Method Clearly state the purpose of this part of the lab. Explain how this is accomplished in this experiment. What calculations do you need to perform? What measurements will be made? [Do not provide experimental details here]. How do you go from calculated/measured values to accomplishing stated purpose? ( 10 pts: roughly divided 1 for the goal and 3 each for addressing each of the three parts of the experiment. ) The goal of this experiment was to learn how to prepare standard solutions from a stock solution and to use the standard solution to get a calibration curve to use to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. In part I. We had to obtain ferroin stock solution in a beaker. Rinse the curette several times with deionized water and then label them from 1-5. Using the digital pipettor and the 100 mL volumetric flask,
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