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interesting uniform problem

interesting uniform problem - The graph may not be...

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STAT 225 In-Class Exercises (I.C.E.) #8A KEY Monday, March 30, 2009 1) A. Let X be a Uniform random variable distributed as X ~ Unif(a,b). Below is a graph of the CDF for X. Answer the questions based on the CDF. More Uniform Random Variables: *Note, the information in part a doesn’t necessarily pertain to part b, and so on.
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Unformatted text preview: The graph may not be perfectly to scale for every question below* a. If a = 1, what is b? b. If b = 5, what is a? c. If b – a = 3, what are a and b? d. If a = 2, b = 6, and k = 5, what is p? e. Which is larger, F X (4) – F X (a) or F X (b) – F X (4)? f. If p = 0.6, and b-a = 5, what is k-a?...
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