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Summer2010Exam2 - STAT 225 Summer 2010 Exam 2 Your Name...

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STAT 225 Summer 2010 Exam 2 Your Name: __________________________________________ Your Instructor: _______________________________________ Your class time (circle one): Show work for full credit unsupported work will NOT receive full credit All answers should be in decimal form : no fractions, permutation, combination, or exponential form. Round all answers to at least 2 decimal places . You are responsible for upholding the Honor Code of Purdue University. This includes protecting your work from other students. You are allowed 1 page 8.5”x11” handwritten cheat sheet and a calculator . Instructors will not interpret questions, tell you if you’re on the right track, or check any answers for you. Only legitimate questions will be answered. You must turn in your Cheat Sheet at the end of the exam and may be asked to show your student ID. Turn off your cell phone before the exam begins. Question Points Possible Points Received 1 15 2 8 3 8 4 15 5 6 6 9 7 13 8 15 9 10 Cheat Sheet 1 Total 100 8:40 9:50 11:00 1:00
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1 1. You and your friends like to play soccer during the weekends. On a given round of penalty kicks, the probability to score a goal is 0.6. For each of the following scenarios, write the correct distribution and its parameter(s). If an approximation can be used, write both the exact and the approximate distributions and parameters to receive full credit. (3 points each) a. A penalty kick is chosen at random. Let X be a success if a goal is scored. b. The probability to hit the upper bar during a penalty kick is 0.9%. In 1000 trials, let Y be the number of upper-bar hits. c. Let Z be the number of goals during 30 penalty kicks. d. You and your friends did 2000 penalty kicks during a month. 1600 out of those 2000 were goals. If we choose 50 penalty kicks without replacement, let M be the number of missed kicks out of that sample.
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