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Physics 172 – Recitation 01 Spring 2012 Newton’s First Law of Motion and Using Vectors to Represent the Changing 3D World You will find more information about the topics of today’s problems in chapter 1, sections 1.1 through 1.6, of the text. This was the reading assignment for the first lecture. Make sure that you discuss and agree on the solutions of these problems with the others in your recitation work group (and with your TA!). The problems you encounter later this semester may seem more difficult because they involve more complicated physical situations, but we will learn how to use the ideas and methods you use to solve today’s problems in order to solve those later ones too. Problem 1. A child carries an empty cup balanced on her open, outstretched hand to give to her mother. The figure below shows the cup’s position at a sequence of equally spaced times 1 t , 2 t , 3 t and 4 t . The horizontal line represents the level floor in the child’s room; the vertical one represents a wall. 1 2 3 4 Origin Transfer a sketch of this drawing to your white board, and work with your partners to answer these questions. a) Is the cup interacting with any objects in its surroundings? If not, explain how you know it is not. If so, say which objects it is interacting with and explain how you know. b)
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Rec01_172Spring2012 - Physics 172 Recitation 01 Spring 2012...

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