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Page 1 of 13 STUDENT NO……………………. ... STUDY PROGRAMME……………….……. . NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GEOTECHNICAL DIVISION Scientific contact during examination: Geotechnical division, Gløshaugen Associate professor Rolf Sandven, 73 59 46 03/mobile 908 66 116 EXAMINATION IN COURSE TBA 4110 GEOTECHNICS, MATERIAL PROPERTIES Saturday, December 11 2004 Time: 09.00 – 13.00 Support: D – No printed or written literature is accepted. Simple, approved calculator accepted. Note: The complete examination set should be submitted along with the written answer! Information about the examination: 1) Parts of your answer may be written directly on the examination set. Give short and precise answers to the questions. 2) Save time by drawing directly on the figures in the examination set where appropriate. 3) All topics are equally weighted. TASK 1. PLANNING AND INTERPRETATION OF FIELD INVESTIGATIONS In connection with stability evaluations of a quick clay slope in Buvik, Skaun municipality, a thorough site investigation and instrumentation programme will be carried out in the area. The slope is situated close to the newly constructed roads E39 and FV802. Figure 1 shows an overview of the area with infrastructure and houses, profile lines for geoelectrical measurements, together with some introductory soundings. The actual slope planned for instrumentation is confined within the geoelectrical profiles 4/7-5 (north-south) and 6-8 (east- west). Based on available information from borings nearby, soft and sensitive soils should be expected in the slope area. a) Which additional introductory investigations are relevant to carry out in the area before the actual ground investigations are carried out? b) Evaluate which geotechnical problems that could occur in the slope as a result of the road construction. Which type of information was necessary to carry out the geotechnical design of the road in this area. c) Which boring plan would you suggest for the field investigation of the area to enable a full stability evaluation. Give reasons for the choice of investigation methods. Use the map in Figure 1b to present your proposal. Indicate also to which depth the borings should be carried out. Relevant boring symbols are given in Enclosure 1 . d) In the soil sampling, the contractor propose to use block sampling in one important location in the slope, whereas the project manager claims that piston sampling may give equally good sample quality. Give a list of arguments which both parties can use to convince each other. e) Figure 2 shows results from an introductory Cone Penetration Test with Pore pressure measurement (CPTU) in Hole 1, located at the top of the slope near the road FV802, see location in Figure 1 .
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2004 Eksamen 2004 engelsk kort - Page 1 of 13 STUDENT NO....

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