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Postadresse Besøksadresse Telefon +47 73 59 45 90 Side 1 av 7 N-7491 Trondheim Høgskoleringen 7a Telefaks +47 73 59 46 09 eksamenlosn2004_eng NTNU Fakultet for ingeniørvitenskap og teknologi Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Faggruppe for geoteknikk universitet Note Topic: Solution proposal Examination Geotechnics, material properties December 11 2004 Consultant: Course responsible, associate professor Rolf Sandven Date: 11.12.2004 Signature: File: _________________________________________________________________________________ Task 1 Field investigations a) Collection of information about the ground conditions should contain the following elements: Maps of the area (topographical, bonity, hydrogeological, rock contours, hazard maps) Archive for previous relevant borings (consulting companies, public offices) Mapping of special ground conditions in the area (rock quality, organic masses, groundwater outlets, draining systems, etc.) Mapping of previous contaminations and outlets from previous and present activity in the area Collection of experiences from buildings, structures and infrastructure in the area (roads, private estates, farms, previous slides etc) Collection of buried installations in the ground (cables, pipes, etc) b) Geotechnical problems associated with road construction in the area Influence of excavation-, construction and piling works in the vicinity of the slope o Vibrations due to construction traffic, heavy trucks o Mass transport, temporary mass deposits, embankments o Pore pressure build-up and pore pressure fronts due to pile driving o Global area stability, short-term and long-term Changes in groundwater and pore pressure conditions in the slope due to road drainage etc. Necessary information, mainly: General soil mapping for a stratigraphical modell and information of soil types. Extent of quick clay zones in the slope. Strength parameters (effective- and total stress basis) for evaluation of local and global stability in the area. Groundwater- and pore pressure conditions are very important as input in stability evaluations and discussion of groundwater balance. Documentation of previous slide incidents in the area for possible back-calculations c) Proposal for boring plan for stability evaluations of the slope The site investigations should contain the following investigations: Rough mapping of the area with a combination of CPTU and total sounding for detection of layer boundaries, soil types and possibly depth to the rock surface. Piston sampling or similar (block sampling) for determination of strength- and consolidation parameters on retrieved samples in the laboratory.
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Side 2 av 7 7d4 Porepressure measurements with piezometers for evaluation of the groundwater conditions in the area. Station with several piezometers to different depths. One total station with (total)sounding, CPTU, sampling, pore pressure measurements + other
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2004 Løsningsforslag 2004 engelsk -...

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