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Page 1 of 11 STUDENT NO……………………. ... STUDY PROGRAMME……………….……. . NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GEOTECHNICAL DIVISION Scientific contact during examination: Geotechnical division, Gløshaugen Associate professor Rolf Sandven, 73 59 46 03/mobile 908 66 116 EXAMINATION IN COURSE TBA 4110 SOIL INVESTIGATIONS (GEOTECHNICS, MATERIAL PROPERTIES) Friday, December 2, 2005 Time: 09.00 – 13.00 Support: D – No printed or written literature is accepted. Simple, approved calculator accepted. Note: The complete examination set should be submitted along with the written answer! Information about the examination: 1) Parts of your answer may be written directly on the examination set. Give short and precise answers to the questions. 2) Save time by drawing directly on the figures in the examination set where appropriate. 3) The weighting is given on each task. TASK 1. (15 %) MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS Questions: Answers: Max. score: What is meant by Geotechnical Project Class, and how does the Project Class influence on the extent of site investigations in a project? 2 Which factors related to equipment and procedures may influence the recordings made in a Cone Penetration Test with pore pressure measurements (CPTU)? 3 An unconfined compression test performed on a cylindrical 100 mm high specimen gives a failure at 10 mm deformation and a corresponding load of 75 N. The area of the specimen was 23 cm 2 at the start of the test. How large is the undrained shear strength s u for this clay sample? How would you regard the sample quality from this information? 3
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Page 2 of 11 STUDENT NO……………………. ... STUDY PROGRAMME……………….……. . How can the sensitivity S t of clay be determined? Which property of the clay does this parameter express? 2 Which factors influence the deformation properties of clay? 2 Estimate the degree of mobilization f in an undisturbed clay sample for the following conditions: a) Failure b) Critical degree of mobilization c) In situ at rest pressure d) The oedometer condition e) Isotropic consolidation in a triaxial test 3 TASK 2. (35 %) PLANNING AND PERFORMANCE OF SITE INVESTIGATIONS In connection with the design of new office and storage buildings for the company Norges Varemesse at Lillestrøm, a major site investigation shall be carried out. The building site is located on top of a slope as shown in Figure 1b, which also shows an overview of the existing borderlines for the developed site. Some information from previous projects in the area exists. Based on this, one may expect soil conditions with varying sensitivity, including possible strata or pockets of quick clay, in the actual area. A sounding profile that shows a comparison between penetration force from a total sounding and cone resistance from CPT in hole 1 is included in Figure 2 . This profile can be used as introductory information of the ground conditions. I) Planning of the site investigation
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2005 Eksamen 2005 engelsk - Page 1 of 11 STUDENT NO. STUDY...

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