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Page 1 of 10 STUDENT NO……………………. ... STUDY PROGRAMME……………….……. . NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GEOTECHNICAL DIVISION Scientific contact during examination: Geotechnical Divison, Gløshaugen NTNU Professor Lars Grande, 7359 4591 or 7359 4592 /mobile phone: 926 56 733 EXAMINATION IN TOPIC TBA 4110 SOIL INVESTIGATIONS Friday December 8, 2006 Time: 09.00 – 13.00 (4 hours) Support: D – No printed or written literature is accepted. Simple, approved calculator accepted. Note: The complete examination set should be submitted along with all written answers! Information about the examination: 1) Answers may when it is convenient, be written directly on the examination set 2) Save time by drawing directly on the figures in the examination set when possible 3) All topics are equally weighted. GENERAL INFORMATION A new school building shall be erected on a fine-grained deposit in Stjørdal, close to Trondheim. The school building will cover an area of 30 m x 39 m. The location of the new building is shown in Figure 1, which also shows an existing neighbouring sports hall and a proposed 3 meter high noise protection embankment alongside the new school building. A cross-section through the building is shown in Figure 2 . The building will have three floors and the foundation level is initially proposed to be 1.5 meter below current ground level (you may suggest differently). A heavy core, including refuge facilities and machine rooms, is located centrally in the new building. The new building may be founded on direct foundations as proposed in Figure 2 , or alternatively on piles. Since the soft soil at the site may lead to significant settlement, it has been initially suggested to use sand drains under the heavy core section of the building if direct foundation is selected, see Figure 2 . You are called in as a geotechnical consultant and shall do soil investigations and laboratory testing for the project. This also implies giving advice on choosing the foundation principle for the structure. The subtasks on the following pages are all related to this project.
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Page 2 of 10 STUDENT NO……………………. ... STUDY PROGRAMME……………….……. . TASK 1. FIELD INVESTIGATIONS This site investigation program shall provide sufficient information to enable a choice between a direct or piled foundation for the building and be a basis for design. a)
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Eksamen_2006_english - Page 1 of 10 STUDENT NO STUDY...

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