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(Gm-07v) Page 1 of 10 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Institutt for bygg, anlegg og transport Faggruppe Geomatikk EXAM: TBA4230 GEOMATIKK. Solutions Date: 13. December 2007 Time: 0900 – 1300 Version 8.12.2008. The values of the first set of Sx1 and Sx2 in 3.2.a are corrected Question 1: Coordinates and corrections 1.1 . (a) The coordinates are in EUREF89, UTM zone 33. Describe EUREF89. Describe UTM. See curriculum. Key words: E89 is a regional datum which is realized in Norway by the coordinates and heights of the ”Stamnett” points (points in the First order network of Norway). Norway is on the same tectonic plate as Europe and parts of Russia, therefore a regional datum. A little inexact, but ca correct (at least in this course): E89 is the 1989 version of the global GPS datum WGS84. Application: The datum of the maps of the Norwegian mapping authorities, most of the municipalities are now using E89. UTM is a map projection plane, conformal, ”shrank” lying cylinder. The 2 UTM traps: Scale of 0,9996 along the north axis, false origin of the east value (500000 m is the east value on the north axis). Application: As a map projection of many datums, for instance EUREF89 and WGS84. (b) Show why the north axis in zone 33 in UTM is situated 15 ˚ east of Greenwich The division of the zones starts in Greenwich in London, the zones are 6 degrees wide (in latitude). This give the borders of the zones: One zone between 0 and 6 degrees, next between 6 and 12, next 12 and 18 degrees east of Greenwich. The numbering of the zones do not start with 1 in Grw, but we know(?) the zone 32 is covering the southern part of Norway, as the longitude of Trondheim city is ca 10,5 degrees east of Grw. Then the zone 33 is between 12 and 18 degrees E Grw, with the north axis in the centre of the zone: 15 degrees Ø Grw. Draw a figure in UTM zone 33 showing the 2 points Nm and S1 and the north axis. A simple figure (sketch), also including information from question 1.2 and figure 1.1: (c) The borders of Steinkjer municipality is between the Trondheim fjord in west (ca 11,1 ˚ east of Greenwich) and to ca 12,4 ˚ east of Greenwich in east. Describe a practical problem which might arise by using EUREF89 (UTM) as a reference system in Steinkjer. How can the municipality solve the actual practical problem? The municipality is covered by 2 UTM zones: 32 and 33 (see question (a)). It is inconvenient to have 2 zones in a municipality, especially in areas close to the border between 2 zones (two coordinate sets, difficult to do measurements as the maps are in two zones). They can avoid the problem by widen (expand) zone 32 eastward, and thus obtain that zone 32 is covering the whole N y mean
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(Gm-07v) Page 2 of 10 municipality Steinkjer. This can be done without making the correction caused by the map projection too big, as the width of the zone in metre is small compared to the width further south.
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2007-2 - (Gm-07v Page 1 of 10 Norges...

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