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(Gm-08v) Page 1 of 8 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Institutt for bygg, anlegg og transport Faggruppe Geomatikk EXAM: TBA4230 GEOMATICS Contact information: Terje Skogseth mobile 952 88 301 (questions 1 and 3) Knut Ragnar Holm mobile 992 51 188 (question 2) Date: December 11 th 2008 Time: 0900 – 1300 Credits: 7,5 Allowed aids: Code C: Specified printed and handwritten aids: Certain plain calculator (HP30S) ”Matematical formulas”, Karl Rottmann Language: English The number of pages: 7 Examination results: No later than January 9 th The 3 questions have the same weight. All the sub questions (x.1, x.2, …) within each question have the same weight. For the questions containing calculations, the progress of the calculations must be clearly shown in the answer. See the appendices on pages 6 and 7 for relevant formulas. For other relevant formulas it is assumed that the student has the allowed aids.
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(Gm-08v) Page 2 of 8 Question 1: GPS mm 1.1 Measuring methods using GPS (a) At Andsnes in Hitra municipality ca 70 km west of Trondheim an industrial building project is planned to be developed. At point T on the figure a local GPS base station for relative measurement will be established. - Which measuring method using GPS do you recommend to use to determine the coordinates and height of this local base point T? - Describe this method and explain why you recommend this particular method. - Make your own assumptions and draw a figure showing the GPS measurements you are planning to do to determine the new base point. (b) Setting-out using GPS receivers. The new GPS base station T in (a) is to be used for setting out detail points at the building project, among other factors buildings and infrastructure (roads etc). D T C B A Describe a method for the setting-out that will be an effective way of setting-out detail points in real time with a quality (standard deviation) close to 1 cm. Describe also the instruments that are needed to perform this setting-out. 1.2 Setting-out GPS is used for setting-out axis and corners of a large building which is to be used in the fish industry, see question (1.1) and the figure. Coordinates and heights in EUREF89-UTM-zone 32 and NN1954: Point N E Geoidal height H Notes T 7056937,234 499939,753 41,654 7,397 Known given values A 7056940,296 499897,091 3,0 From the area development plan B 7056885,996 499944,372 3,0 From the area development plan (a) Setting out plan, coordinate calculations. Calculate the bearing from A to B. Calculate the coordinates of the corner C, assuming an angle of 100 gons in the corner B and the distance B-C is 12,000 m.
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2008-1 - (Gm-08v) Page 1 of 8 Norges...

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