Group Project and Presentation

Group Project and Presentation - MGTB04 Principles of...

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Unformatted text preview: MGTB04: Principles of Marketing Instructions for Group Project and Presentation (35%) The written report (25%) The project report itself should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages (strict limit), although an ideal report would have about 20 double-spaced pages. Appendices and tables will not be counted in the 25-page limit. As part of the group project, you need to ensure that you do the following: 1. The first part of the project should give some background about the product, including product description, why you selected this product, and some description of company objectives, strengths and core competence. You should also write down the mission statement of the company. (About 1-2 pages) 2. Next identify the customers for the product, and describe the need that this product would satisfy. You should identify different segments that might be interested in your product, and evaluate one or two segments that you would like to target. Once you have done that you should go through the buyer behavior and decision making process for the selected segment....
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Group Project and Presentation - MGTB04 Principles of...

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