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Guidelines for Final Exam_Textbook Reading Pages described in this document could be deleted from reading when you do final exam review. And they won’t be covered in the final exam. 1. Products, Services, and Brands -- Chapter 9 Page 279, starting from “Business Products”, to page 283, ending before “Branding” Page 292, starting from “Brand Name Selection”. Page 299, starting from “Marketing Strategy for Service Firms”, to end of page 304. 2. Pricing Strategy – Chapter 11 Page 372, starting from “Geographical Pricing” to page 375, ending before “Price Changes”. Page 378, starting from “Public Policy and Pricing” to end of page 380. 3. Marketing Communications – Chapter 14&15. Page 457, starting from “Integrated Marketing Communications” to page 459, ending
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Unformatted text preview: before “The Need for Integrated Marketing Communications”. Page 470, starting from “Setting the Total Promotion Budget and Mix” to page 471, ending before “The Nature of Each Promotion Tool”. Page 475, starting from “Integrating the Promotion Mix” to end of page 477. Page 501 to end of page 508. 4. Selling and Sales Promotions – Chapter 16. Page 519, starting from “Managing the Sales Force” to page 527, ending before “Supervising and Motivating Salespeople”. Page 530, starting from “The Personal Selling Process” to page 534, ending before “Sales Promotions”. Page 539, starting from “Trade Promotions” to middle of page 541. 5. Creating Competitive Advantage – Chapter 18. Page 604 to middle of page 606....
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