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Review Guide for Mid term_MGTB04_2011 Fall

Review Guide for Mid term_MGTB04_2011 Fall - 2011 MGTB04...

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2011 MGTB04 Principles of Marketing _ Mid-Term _ Review Guide Dear Students, We will have our mid-term exam on Saturday, Oct 29, 9-11 am. Here are some guidelines for your review. 1. Chapters covered. Chapters 1, 19, 3, 5, 6, 8 (content covered in the first 5 lectures) will be covered in the mid-term. 2. Structure of mid-term. Part 1: Multiple Choice Questions (We will use bubble sheet. Please bring 2B pencils), 75%. Part 2: Short Answer Questions, 25%. Part 3: Bonus Question, 10%. Bonus questions are optional. You can decide whether to answer them or not. 3. Guidelines for review. All the contents on the slides or in the textbook may be covered in the mid-term. Both of them are important for review. You can start with the materials on the slides and related materials in the textbook. There are concepts in the textbook which were not covered in the lecture slides. They may appear in the exam. You need to know them if you are motivated to do very well in the exam. 4. Extended Office Hours TA office hours for Yifan: Wed (Oct 26), 1-3 pm; IC 223. TA office hours for Drew: Thu (Oct 27), 9-11 am; IC 221 (Notice that IC 221 is not the TA office we typically use). Alison s extended office hour: Friday (Oct 28), 12:00-4:00 pm; IC386. 5. Sample Questions and Answer Keys_2011 Fall 1. ABC Company has decided to use mail questionnaires to collect large amounts of information. Management recognizes this method has all the following advantages except
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