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These questions are from my PSY:330 Theories of personality, please help if you have taken this course in the past. Message me to confirm Question 1: Albert Adler and Birth Order Given your birth order, describe how your experiences may have been different from a child with a different birth order in your family. How might your birth order have influenced your adult personality? Discuss one other concept or contribution of Adler to the field of psychology that seemed significant to you and the reason for your selection. Support your discussion with scholarly references ASSIGNMENT: Personality Testing- Part II Complete the Activity as assigned: 1) Take the Barnum Personality Inventory. 2) Read about the Barnum Effect. Discuss your experience in taking the two personality tests (The Jung Typology Test  from Week 1 and the Barnum Personality Inventory from this week) by answering the  following questions:  How did you feel about the results of each of the tests? Were you surprised by the concept presented in the Barnum exercise?
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