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408 Proj 4 Deliverable Length: Individual: 750– words with responses A former coworker of yours now represents a company that manufactures athletic apparel for men and women. Although the company has begun to sell its merchandise in selected stores, it has also received an invitation to sell its products on one of the largest television home-shopping networks in the United States. Your friend's company must now determine the best pricing strategy for its products in this television environment. The television program has given the company complete control over how its products will be priced. Your former coworker brings this challenge to your marketing networking association meeting.
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Unformatted text preview: Individual Portion • Each group member should select 1 of the 5 promotional and pricing strategies listed below and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen strategy for this special marketing situation. Note: Each of the following strategies has more than one pricing method. For example, new-product pricing includes the price penetration and price-skimming methods. The following are the 5 pricing strategies: • New-product pricing • Differential pricing • Psychological pricing...
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