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BA 271 Introduction to Business Statistics Chapter 4 Case Hamilton County Judges Cases are assigned from the end of selected chapters that represent real world applications of the statistical concepts discussed in the chapter. You will use Microsoft Excel to perform the statistical procedures. You will also use Microsoft Word to create a managerial report that summarizes the key requirements of the case, explains the statistical methods used, discusses the results, and recommends a course of action based on your analysis. Deliverables Managerial report o Use format available in Course Documents; Section 1 summarizes the case described in the chapter. DO NOT copy the case. Section 2 should describe the statistical methods used to analyze the case. Include descriptive statistics, interval estimates, hypothesis tests and charts as necessary. DO NOT include the data set in the report. Figures and tables should be labeled (Table 1. Descriptive statistics, Figure 1. Chi-square distribution, etc.) and properly formatted for clarity.
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Chapter_4_case_requirements(1) - BA 271 Introduction to...

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