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PRESS RELEASE: Risk Management and Loss Prevention Professionals August 19, 2003 Professional Data Exchange, Inc. dba PDEUSA, INC. San Marcos California Professional Data Exchange, Inc. August 19, 2003 released RemEx ICAR for Dealer Distribution. RemEx ICAR (Image Capture and Restore) was developed for Risk and Loss Prevention Managers who recognize the need for a technology based alternative to microfiche. Branch deposits (transactional size documents) can now be imaged quickly and easily by tellers either at shift breaks or at the end of the day. The images are archived in the event a deposit is called into question or is lost on its way to the banks processing center, without the recurring costs of microfilm and developing. In the event of the loss of a deposit, RemEx ICAR can reproduce the deposit by way of IRD’s (Image Replacement Documents) which are MICR printed and contain the full front and rear
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Unformatted text preview: image of the original document. The ICAR file is simply sent to a duplex MICR printer and the complete deposit is ready within minutes. This means that financial institutions using ICAR no longer have to call all their depositors to try to recreate a deposit, nor do they have to attempt to recreate it manually from microfiche. It completely eliminates the recurring cost of microfilm and developing and provides the ability to regenerate a deposit with minimal key entry. It is true that insurance and bonds can cover the “costs” of these types of losses, but what of the loss of confidence in the institution itself? RemEx ICAR is never having to say you’re sorry. Scott Baker, Vice President Professional Data Exchange, Inc. 960 Los Vallecitos Blvd. #203 San Marcos CA 92069...
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