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A SUMMARY OF U.S. HEALTH CARE Strayer University~HSA-500 April 24, 2010
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A SUMMARY OF U.S. HEALTH CARE 1. Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure. Health is affected by behaviors, economics and social structure. According to Just (2007), individual and community behaviors affect the improvement of health care. Simplistically put; the life styles that people live have proven to be unhealthy and have poor mortality outcomes. For example tobacco use, fast food consumption, drug abuse and having unsafe sex are at risk populations. Each have a socioeconomic demographic that influence the morbidity outcome. Therefore, encouraging the education of the individual and communities at large is a must in order to improve the quality of life amongst these demographics. Cigarette and fast food consumption directly correlates to heart disease, while drug abuse is linked to mental disease theorized as codependency. Cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and head and neck are directly related to the consumption of cigarettes, according to Torrens (2008). Poor diet is recognized as an etiologic factor that is directly linked to certain cancers, as well. Infectious diseases such as AIDS are linked to the demographic of people practicing unsafe sex and shared drug paraphernalia. These issues are respectively compared to, and associated with impoverished people, unsafe neighborhoods and limited access to health care services, according to Just (2007). Growing topics amongst professionals and educational specialists are evolving and influencing how the impoverished population at risk of these behaviors will respond and assume responsibility for how they live theirs. Hopefully, education will foster an improved maintenance and coping with illnesses and overall health improvement. All of the studies are based on economic and social structure. Arora (2003) asks; How do
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62796670-HSA-500-WEEK-3-1-Assignment-Sample - A SUMMARY OF...

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